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The London Eye

The London Eye, also referred to as the Millennium Wheel, is a large Ferris wheel. In fact, it is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It measure 443 feet high. Although defined as a Ferris wheel, it is important not to confuse this attraction with what you may see at a local fair. It is so much more. In fact, you may have seen nothing like it before.

The London Eye is made up of 32 capsules. All capsules are seated and air conditioned; however, visitors have the option of moving around. In fact, you are encouraged to if you want to snap photographs and see the many nearby London landmarks.

Due to its size, a ride around the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes. Although long by many standards, it gives you the opportunity to see London like you never have before. Also, remember your ability to move around.

The history of the London Eye begins with Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999. Later opened in 2000, this attraction is one of London’s most popular. In fact, more than three million people make the journey each year!

Just one reason why the London Eye is considered a must visit attraction is due to the architecture. It will leave you amazed. Unlike many other Ferris wheels, which rely on the use of many rods and beams, the London Eye is different. In fact, the wheel resembles a bicycle wheel more than it does a traditional Ferris wheel.

Another reason why this attraction is top rated is due to the views of London. As previously stated, rides take 30 minutes and you are free move around your capsule. This gives you the ultimate view of London. It has been said that you can see up to twenty-five miles away.

In addition to the views from the London Eye, it itself is a work of art. In 2006, the lighting was updated to include LED lights. The London Eye is a beautiful sight to see during the day, but a must see at dusk. If you are in London for New Years Eve, a visit to the Eye is recommended, as you will see a fantastic display of fireworks.

As for what tourists, like you, have to say about the London Eye, most loved the experience. Although many thought the admission prices were a little on the high side, some went back later in their trip for a second ride! For the ultimate experience, ride the wheel at night and during the day.

While visiting the London Eye, you are encouraged to take a London Eye River
Cruise. The cruises, which last 40 minutes, are designed for individuals of all ages. Children under five are free. Whether you take a cruise before or after a ride on the wheel, you will enjoy the comparison between the two. Viewing London from both the ground and the air is the perfect combination.

Admission fees and opening times, for both the London Eye and the nearby River Cruises, do vary depending on the season, so verify this information before your trip.

Location: Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB
Admission fee: Standard tickets from £19.35


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